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ExplosionHead, 2016, ink on Dura-lar.
ExplosionHead's head has not exploded, it IS an explosion, a roiling reactor like the sun. ExplosionHead is a psyche manifestation, representing a perpetual eruption of anxiety, creativity, and conceptualization emanating from the artist's mind. The empty superhero costume body is the powerlessness of the artist to save himself and others, the disillusionment of childhood - no superpowers will be manifested and the world will not be saved single-handedly. ExplosionHead is a deflated ego in a state of constant struggle to become more, like a mythic  Campbellian hero on a journey of self-discovery, a new demigod for the 21st Century.

ExplosionHead has been adopted as the Most Splendiferous representation of The Eleventy.


ExplosionHead, 2016

ExplosionHead, 2016, spandex, foam, video projection - Troppus Projects, Kent, OH
3D printed sculptures in foreground by Eva Kwong.

The Origin of ExplosionHead, 2016-present, Ink and colored pencil on Dura-lar

The Origin of ExplosionHead
No one knows for how long ExplosionHead was trapped in the iceteroid or how it came to be snared by Saturn's gravity, undetected amidst the icy rings perhaps for millions or even billions of years. The spirit of Lhasa de Sela, slumbering peacefully on Saturn's moon, Phoebe, was awakened by an annoying pulsing sound disturbing the impenetrable silence of local space. Lhasa followed the sound to its source, curious by what she found, but also eager to restore quiet to her resting place. Either annoyance or wisdom, perhaps a bit of both, inspired Lhasa to give ExplosionHead's iceteroid a shove towards Earth. To be continued...