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Fibrotic Junkyard Drummer - Unity game, video projection, audio 2023  

SOAR: Speculative Orbital Arts Research - 3D prints, AI generated deities, CubeSat models, aluminum, spray paint, laser level, video projection, ISS Live video feed, website 2023

<3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 : A Love Letter to My Heart (for Milford Graves) - Drum set played by a recording of my heartbeat pumped through 1000 Watt speakers 2023  
Log Controller - Video Game with log, branches, and embedded game controller 2022  
Valley of Illuminism - Video game with eleven new AI generated religions 2022  
Proselytizing to the Void:Harmonic Realization - Preaching an AI generated religion to NPCs in an abandoned MMORPG, The Secret World 2022  
(in)Finite (in)Security - Three live video feedback loops 2022  

Astral Logistics - Mixed media installation

with virtual and augmented reality 2019

Garden of the Gods - Virtual Reality 2018
Heavy Napper - Mixed-media installation 2018
CVA 024 v1.0 - Virtual Reality 2018

Sculpture Garden v1.11 - Virtual Reality 2017
Signal Flow - Multimedia installation 2017


Super-Psycho-Synergetic-Eleventyism - Website, religion 2016
ExplosionHead - Mixed-media 2016-2018
Your Demon is You - Mixed-media 2016


A Real Man Always has the Right Tool for the Job - Mixed-media 2015




The Akron School is a collaboration between

Jen Jones, Taylor Pasquale, and Dave Braun,

formed in 2016 at Kent State University