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Sculpture_Garden v1.11, VR installation, 2017

Sculpture_Garden v1.11 is the first VR environment I composed and contains a little of everything. In VR, the artist is unconstrained by material, gravity, scale, and contiguity, opening up new possibilities for sculptural forms and experiences. I transitioned to working mainly in VR as a way to resolve material and moral conflictions after observing the enormous amounts of waste generated year after year by the school of art and as a way of addressing the body, its limitations and impending obsolescence. This Sculpture Garden is populated with a mixture of objects and entities, some 'found' and manipulated 3D objects, some sculpted in Oculus Medium and modeled in Blender. I was thinking of a space like Storm King where you wander through the park and encounter various large sculptures and installations, but in this VR garden the works are on architectural and geological scales, some the size of skyscrapers and mountains. Discorporated, the visitor may pass into and through the gargantuan artworks, allowing for a perspective impossible with solid, physical objects "IRL".